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The CITT-GLOBAL is a partner of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Higher education institutes and a number of innovative companies, working for raising the level of knowledge and technology of firms and administration in Bulgaria through transfer of know-how and technologies from academic institutions and scientific-research centers. To fulfill its goals, the CITT-GLOBAL is cooperating with a lot of state institutes and non-governmental organizations as:

-The Ministry of Economy
-The Ministry of Transport and Communication
-The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
-The Ministry of Education and Science
-The Ministry of Environment and Water
-The Bulgarian Industrial Chamber
-The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
-The Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises
-The Energy Efficiency Agency
-The German-Bulgarian Chamber of Trade and Industry

The company specializes in education, consultation and implementation of innovative projects associated with the transfer of know-how and technologies to small and medium enterprises and the state administration in the field of:

-Information technology
-New building materials
-New energy resources, etc.

The CITT-GLOBAL unites a team of well-known experienced experts in the above mentioned spheres and specializes in the governing and implementation of international scientific-research projects.

News & Events

Март 2010

29.-30.03.2010 in Krems, Austria Kick off meeting of dEUcert project - Dissemination of European Certification scheme ECQA. CITT-Global is the Bulgarian partner.

At the Kick off Meeting in Krems, Austria, Prof. Reiner from IMC/Fachhochschule Krems (Project Coordinator) has presented strategies and organization of ECQA. Dr. Messnartz/ISCN Austria has presented the portal www.ecqa.org. Guidelines for...

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Current Projects

2010-2011-dEUcert-Dissemination of European certification schema ECQA

The ECQA: Is a non-profit assosiation, joining institutions and thousands of professionals from all over Europe and abroad; Provides a Europe wide unified certification schema for numerous professions; Brings together ex...

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