EuroSPI 2006 Conference, October 11 - 13, Finland



The Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer – Global (CITT-Global), as a Representative of the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) for Bulgaria, cordially invites you to participate as an exhibitor at the annual European Software Process Improvement Conference - 2006 (EuroSPI 2006), which will take place in Joensuu, Finland from October 11 to October 13, 2006.
EuroSPI is a successful initiative since 1994 and has taken place in different countries around Europe. Its mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe, where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared. In order to enact its goals, three major action lines are followed: An annual EuroSPI conference supported by Software Process Improvement Networks from different European countries; An Internet-based knowledge library, newsletters, and a set of proceedings and recommended books; An effective team of national representatives, growing step by step into more countries of Europe.
The benefits of being an exhibitor at EuroSPI 2006 include among others: Guaranteed participation in the specially designed social program and opportunities for personal contacts; Convenient and reserved space for private discussions; Opportunity for product/ service presentations; Opportunity to create new partnerships and develop new strategies.
This year’s conference topics are Assessment, Planning, Design, Development, and Testing Tools enabling a High Management and Development Efficiency. The core exhibitors at EuroSPI 2006 include companies from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Ireland, and Hungary. Typically, attendees are half from research institutions and half from middle-sized and large companies. Attendees are mostly in senior research or management positions.
This year, Bulgarian firms and universities will have the opportunity to attend EuroSPI with more easiness, as iSQI is now officially represented in Bulgaria. For more information on these benefits, please contact us at
More general information on the conference you can receive at or directly on
EuroSPI 2006 Ambassador for Bulgaria:
Dr. Maria Stefanova-Pavlova
Managing Director, CITT-Global
Tel.: +359 2 980-7234
Mobile: +359 88 814-0815

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